Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Ain't Gobalization Great?

1) I received a bubble maker 'kit' recently from my friend Sara and I thought I would share what was written on the back:
Bubbles made in Mexico from U.S. Ingredients.
Bottle, cap and label made is U.S.A.
Bubble toys made in China.
Packaging made and printed in Hong Kong.

I am amused how the first line makes me think that the air in the bubbles comes from either Mexico of the US. Hey, at least it was printed on recycled paper.

2) My friend Mike gave me a lamp, so I looked on the inside rim to determine the appropriate bulb wattage and found this:
Caution: to reduce the risk of fire use 60 watt type A or smaller lamp.

Maybe I'm missing something, but it looks like the sticker told me to get another lamp to reduce the risk of fire. If so, that's a great idea and could be used in numerous ways! I think a better one would be "to reduce the risk of fire, use sunlight." haha (not with a magnifying glass for all you anal types)


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