Thursday, September 30, 2004

My Weekend - Part II (Saturday)

Up earlier than I would have liked because I didn’t sleep that well, but it was nice to see my mom in her usual spot reading the paper. J I drank some chocolate milk (so good!) and read the comics; which I’ve missed apparently (the jumble, too). I chatted and tried to sleep more, called about my luggage (it’s in Vancouver), read Far Side and then got ready to go to Guelph for Dave’s wedding. Dave and I met when we were 4, so this was a big moment to see my friend get married. We have wonderful discussions about many things but it usually turns into a religion ‘versus’ science debate. It’s important that we are still great friends despite some obvious intellectual disagreements. I was really happy with what I wrote in his card: May purity be your guide on this ineffably beautiful journey. I think it works for life as well.
Off to Guelph and let me say that good music and driving on a highway Ra-ocks! First, Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle,” then “Where the Streets Have no Name,” and then “Alert Status Red.” I was giddy and groovin’! The clouds looked nice and it thankfully wasn’t too hot out. I soon became acclimatized to the ‘niceness’ of Torontonian drivers who seem to need to get two spots ahead. Boo-urns.
I made it to the church and saw Dave outside with his wedding party (Black suits, ties, and converse sneakers J) and gave him a big hug. It is kinda weird that the last time I saw him was in Korea. Along the same lines, several of the people at the wedding I also met in Korea. Not one’s usual frame of reference for recognizing people (Hmm… didn’t I watch a bootleg dvd in an illegal viewing house in Korea with you?). The ceremony started soon after my arrival. It was beautiful!!! I was so happy for one of my best friends in that all important moment…I was beaming! Granted, Dave and I have differing views on theology and consequently much of the content was… not my thing. Dave and I even shared a smile regarding this difference. Alternatively, the feeling of being surrounded by people, singing in unison was a heart-warming experience. I got’s to get me some more of that! The vows were nice and the priest was decent. A friend of theirs played Sexsmith’s “The Least I Could Do,” and it was so good I thought it was a cd. An amusing photographer took a group photo and then onto the receiving line.
Eventually we made our way to the Arboretum for the reception. A good dinner (so hungry!) and some fun socializing. Leslie’s father’s speech was fantastic. Warmed your heart and well as touched it. “You see your child just trying to walk and then you turn around and they are running down a basketball court. You watch them learning to speak and soon they are discussing foreign politics and globalization. I am just so happy to be…. your father. (Referenced a line in ‘What a wonderful world’ that I often think of). I had to get something from my car and let me tell you running along a path in the dark in an arboretum is exciting if not bright. (Good moon, too) Dave made a slideshow of pictures (there was a cute one from our childhood) and then rocked out! He, Leslie (bride), his brothers and friends played 4 songs. Very cool, especially song two.
I had to bolt to make it home for my good friends who were waiting for me in Toronto. Driving along at decent speed only to find the highway stopped in traffic. I look over at an ‘on ramp’ and see people backing up. Hmmm… they could see further than me. I became a defector and joined others doing U-turns and driving up the on-ramp. Emergent illegal behaviour, such are the tendencies of humans. So, where the heck am I? Right of left? Meh, go right (U-turn sort of). Driving along, the speed limit kept increasing and I kept feeling things were getting sketchier. Consequently, I stopped at a gas station (with others in the same boat… what boat?) and found out how to arc over the highway. I went on a fantastic roller-coaster ride in the darkness of night with hills and swerves… yeah, it was exciting. I made it to the highway, made it home and told my friends I was a ‘very bad man.’ They were late too, so I didn’t feel too badly.
I was exhausted, so I lay on the floor of living room making silly noises. We grabbed some food and then made our way downtown to the Maddy. It was good to catch up with them and be in a familiar place. Saw someone from Queen’s and managed to not really impress some unimpressive girls. (It seems that I still want acceptance from people of whom I do not fully approve. Bah.) We decided, “Man, this place is dead anyway” and made our way to the lakeshore for a tripartite tree watering (ugh) and gorgeous moon action. I’ve missed my lakeshore! The skyline was pretty (despite the disgusting advertising) and the water was pretty, especially the moonlight shimmering on the waves. We had an unnecessarily contentious political discussion, after which I decided I would make greater efforts to not raise my voice in discussions and try to end ‘unreasonable’ discussions or not engage certain people in discourse. Regardless, it was a good night and hugs with good friends. A tuckered out Darren made his way to bed, after some Far Side’s of course.


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