Thursday, September 09, 2004

We follow orders [and] people die.

I think most of us have heard the numbers of those killed, but it seems the news cannot help but communicate that American lives are worth more. They aren't. Young children are not the enemy and anyone who thinks these people are against 'freedom' probably has not really thought about it. I think this is important to know, but the scroll of Iraqi Civilian deaths is one of the most saddening thing I've seen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? Of course they're against freedom!

You know, like freedom for the US to steal their resources... or to make their country radioactive. Freedom for a few assholes to benefit while the rest of the world gets screwed.

On that note, my Lib/Demo prof asked "What's the difference between Left and Right politics?" My answer is about 20 IQ points.

Blah blah blah - nothing unobvious here. Hope school started up peachy for you.

Also, did you happen to catch the link I posted with the top 25 "censored" stories of the year?

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