Saturday, November 20, 2004

In the news...

It takes a real man to hunt from his computer, a real stupid, saddening, pathetic little man.

There will now be a Google for scientists/researchers: Google Scholar :)

300,000 child soldiers in 30 conflicts in the world today – CBC Newsworld. They also reported that children in Uganda are walking with bags filled with basic needs while our children are walking with bags of Halloween candy. Shelters are set up for children who get abducted into Uganda’s civil war. The children often sleep on the veranda’s of shop-fronts not only for the security the light brings, but so they can study. (There parents can't protect them).

It was bad enough that the CIA director is fully backing Bush, but now Bush can instruct him to purge those 'disloyal' to the president! Are they using Orwelll's 1984 as manual?

The world's oldest man died at 113. Great little read. Apparently, he "gave up driving at 108 because he found slow drivers annoying." haha

For an update on what saddening things are going on in Iraq (with many helpful links). Seems like elections might not happen... what a surprise.

I can't help but be a little amused to think of monkey problems on highways. Not traffic, or bad weather, but monkeys! (Maybe you shouldn't build roads where monkeys live, jackass)

Apparently, Sri Lanka is bringing back the death penalty. Not just for murder, but rape and drugs as well.

The US complains about Iran producing Uranium. Like kids with toys, you don't want other people to have them. Sigh.

There is cautious hope for Sudan.

Bones or boners? Which do you care more about?

Cloning (not the movie kind) will not be officially banned.(BBC or NY Times)

Actual voting is overrated, why not just eat it?

I read a decent interview with Chris Rock from the Onion's A.V. Club.


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