Thursday, November 18, 2004

Clever Comedy

(Last night Jon Stewart was disscussing the CIA director's memo to fully support the Bush adminstration which has consequently caused the resignation of several high level employees. His talking to his "Senior Intelligence Analyst" Rob Corddry)

JON STEWART: Rob, Porter Goss [CIA director] has made it clear that opposition to the Bush administration won't be tolerated within the CIA. Now suddenly there is a mass exodus. Is this basically an attempt to fill the CIA with party loyalists?
ROB CORDDRY: ...the administration knows that the best way to stop things from going wrong is to get rid of the people who thinks things are going wrong.
JON STEWART: But, uh, that sounds like a solution that really addresses perception more than reality.
ROB CORDDRY: You're right Jon, it is a solution.

So damn funny! Everyone should be watching Jon Stewart! (no projection there)


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