Sunday, November 14, 2004

Faith in the Truth

"If the scientists' summum bonum or highest good is truth, if scientists make truth their God, as some have claimed, is this not just as parochial an attitude as the worship of Jahweh, or Mohammed, or the Angel Moroni? No, our faith in the truth is, truly, our faith in the truth--a faith that is shared by all members of our species, even if there is great divergence in approved methods for obtaining it. The asymmetry noted above is real: faith in the truth has a priority claim that sets it apart from all other faiths." - Daniel C. Dennett, Amnesty Lecture


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike here:

I'm still not quite comfortable calling it a "faith" in truth. It's like saying I have faith in oxygen and breathing... Maybe I'm just parroting our "what else are you going to do?" argument, but when a belief is a forced move by the very nature of existence, I have a hard time calling a faith-based belief. Or am I missing the point here?

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