Sunday, January 09, 2005

In the world of non-news, this just in...

The CBC recently reported that "Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, one of Hollywood's most glamorous and publicized couples announced they are formally separating."

I know we all find this shocking and that it will take days, if not weeks, to fully apprehend. As if the tsunami victims and children being abducted into the Ugandian army didn't have things hard enough... now this! It is a hard time for all of us though; thankfully, there will probably be support groups and depression/ice-cream-eating prevention hotlines, as well as a candle light vigil or two.

The story ended with "Pitt, 41, and Aniston, 35, met on a blind date set up in 1998. They were married in 2000 in a lavish wedding."

Has the definition of blind date suddenly changed and I didn't get the memo? I think it has to be one of the worst usages ever! I could just picture it, "Gee, I wonder what this Brad Pitt guy looks like," and "If only I knew more about her."

Sigh... I think if I shook my dismayed head any more my neck would wear out.


Blogger zencomix said...

...and now that the whole Scott Peterson thing can go away for awhile, the media will latch onto another murder or missing child,etc. and turn the whole thing into a circus. I didn't like Oliver Stone's Natural Born Killers that much, but he made his point.

12:27 PM  

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