Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Big Ups to the, uh… the, Up.

On Wednesday, as I was feeling cognitively clouded and tired, I chose to poke my head outside for about 10 seconds. The air was wonderfully cool and fresh; the sunlight brightened my face. I looked up at the blue sky with its whips of white and smiled. Especially delighting was seeing a rainbow far above me.

No rain had recently fallen, nor was it a large arcing rainbow. It was almost straight above, about the length of my outstretched hand.
All of this in 10 seconds!

Walking home I kept glancing back at the rainbow, disappointed when buildings would occlude the colourful band. As I walked along, no rainbow to see, seeing a glorious day moon soon buoyed my senses. Oh, how I loves the day moon.

I traversed a parking lot and was able to look at the day moon, the rainbow and a plane in-between almost travelling from the former to the latter.
I was fortunate to observe sunlight illuminating some smoke, drawn after I had seen the smoke’s shadow before me. It was amazing.

I had the misfortune of sleeping badly that night, but it was ameliorated by a beautiful dawning sky. Exquisite pinks, oranges, reds and purples with picturesque clouds filled the Eastern sky.

The world sure is beautiful.


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