Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Can’t Complain

I just walked around the block in pants and a t-shirt while looking at a pleasant setting sky and gorgeous full moon. It appeared as a perfect circle, slowly rising into the sky. I’ll have to wait 3 months for this when I return!

I’ve had various designs on my arms with silver paint for a Pagan gathering, saw Alcatraz from a distance, been on a trolley, laughed with a friend, had some guided meditation at the beginning of a class, intellectual discussion about the scientific method, and bought half a watermelon in an outdoor food market.

Yet, a single simple thing that represents the happiness of my vacation (as well as summarizes the climatic differences) would be a palm tree. Not just any palm tree, although palm trees in general are neat, but the palm tree outside Saira’s place. You can see it from a window in their bathroom while you shower. It’s so cool!! I’ve haven’t had windows in the bathrooms in places I’ve lived in the past couple years, let alone one near the shower. Here, you can look out at a blue sky, the sun on your face, and see a palm tree. It’s like you have the beauty of showering outside with the security and luxury of showering inside. What a delightful experience.

ps: I almost titled this blog: “Reject Jesus and ye shall be rewarded…” because I was shopping in Chinatown in San Fran and saw a Jesus bobble head doll. I laughed out loud as soon as I saw it. How wonderfully comical and absurd! But for $15? Hmmm… so then I debated whether I really needed it and/or would tire of it. Though I kept laughing at it, I decided to keep the memory instead of the product. Then in the next store, what do I find? An Einstein bobble head! Hee hee. Consequently, the universe must be telling me to reject religion and embrace science. :P


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