Thursday, November 17, 2005

Speech by Bill Watterson

The author of Calvin & Hobbes gave a speech to a graduating class many years ago. I think it is worth the read.

An excerpt:
"We're not really taught how to recreate constructively. We need to do more than find diversions; we need to restore and expand ourselves. Our idea of relaxing is all too often to plop down in front of the television set and let its pandering idiocy liquefy our brains. Shutting off the thought process is not rejuvenating; the mind is like a car battery-it recharges by running."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Note: Bill Watterson is not listed.

12:31 AM  
Blogger kaps said...

Hi Darren !

I was just searching for sth related to word "eunoia" and bumped into your blog :)

I am a fan of CnH and really loved this speech ! Simple yet Significant ... rt now my exams r going on.. wil visit again after they r over

Nice read



5:10 AM  

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