Friday, January 06, 2006

Is Wiki Whack?

Many have heard about the recent failing of Wikipedia regarding false information in a biographic entry, but might not have heard about the recent study reclaiming some of that wiki goodness. Nature conducted a comparison between Wikipedia and The Encyclopedia Britannica measuring inaccuracies in a sample of science entries. Score: Wiki 4, EnBrit 3.
Meaning, Wiki is not as accurate, but it is close.

For more on this read the Nature link or a CBC Viewpoint by Strauss. He does a better job than this post and he adds the knowledge that Wiki immediately began to attempt correcting the inaccurate entries while Britannica did not seem so enthused.
Of course Wiki is not perfect, but it's not bad for something that started in 2001. The other issue is that people will use Wiki anyway, so it is time to get more experts writing and more expert editors editing.


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WIKIPEDIA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!! :)

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