Friday, July 28, 2006

No home, no food. Make sense?

When trying to solve a problem, it is nice to see government officials getting to the root of the problem.


Blogger Xander said...

Penn Jillette talked about a similar ordinance in Los Vegas on his radio show. Unfortunately since the show isn't on podcast anymore I don't know where you can hear it. All of the social workers and cops who called in were actually for the ordinance. The ordinance isn't about outlawing feeding the homeless. Shelters and food banks are encouraged. It is about stopping the homeless from congregating in parks. Discouraging drug addicts and mentally ill people from staying in parks and getting them into programs aimed to help them is better for them. It also makes the parks usable for children and the elderly. I don’t want to write and essay here but I can almost taste the objections this comment will bring... delectable objections. RSVP for further ranting.

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