Sunday, September 12, 2004

A night on the town

Walking around Halifax last night, taking in the wonderful splendour that is the nightlife (not really of course, because I was out about an hour and returned home at 11:45pm). I came across various phenomena that made me feel oh(!) so connected to people:
1) the place where someone urinated.
2) the girl who spat out her gum after getting out of her car, before adjusting her clothes to look good for the bar.
3) The tipsy girl who said to me, “I really have to pee. Is that attractive”
4) The girls who all have cigarettes for probably no good reason.
5) The girl who just spat on the street (oh, that’s hot!)
6) The girl who was bent over sitting on the curb. I thought she probably felt ill, but could have had emotional difficulties as well. I was just about to say “Excuse me, are you ok?” when she threw up between her legs. Ooooh… classy.
7) The guy spitting on the street.
8) The guy revving his bike and then taking off in a loud noise (made me want to date him)
9) The person throwing their cigarette butt out of the car window. (this actually made me want to run after the car and flick in the window)

But there were 2 good things. The first was a band covering “Ahead by a Century,” which is a song that I love. The second happened as I was about to enter my apartment. There were two guys sitting on the entrance steps and one asked "Hey man, you got a smoke?” to which I replied "Sorry, I don’t smoke." As I was walking up the stairs the other guy (on a cell phone) looked up while turning his head and said, "Hey, did anyone ever tell you you look like that superman guy from TV?"
I smiled and said "Yes, I get that once in awhile." Now the first guy chimed in saying, "Yeah man, you really do... you just need the tattoo."
I said, "I have a tattoo."
They said, "Let’s see it! Let’s see it!"
So I flashed the tattoo. This act seemed to cause what could be best described as gleeful monosyllabic utterances. I said "Have a goodnight guys," and as I went in I heard the guy who was still on his cell phone say, "blah blah...Dean Cain..." in a delighted tone. They were both really happy about this situation. I must say that this brought a smile to my face and a laugh to the air in the elevator. It was good to end on a high note. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

so i take it you hate people spitting as much as i do?


4:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes I guess I do. I just find it thoroughly disrespectful and disgusting. But hey, beats blowing your nose in the street like they do in certain parts of South East Asia.

2:54 PM  

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