Thursday, September 16, 2004


UnF—king believable! I actually got booted from The Second Cup! Granted, I have frequented the establishment several times (I’d say six times total) and I never buy anything. I do somewhat loiter and I usually put my legs up on a chair to rest them. Yet, I would say more than ½ the time I’m with friends who have bought things. It’s [was] a nice atmosphere, and the place isn’t usually packed. Imagine my surprise when I went in last night and went to sit on a couch in the back room with a friend and put my legs up that 4 minutes later a woman approaches me and in a very not so nice tone says “We know you, you’re always in here and you never buy anything, you just sit and put your feet up. Even the homeless guy has the decency to buy a cup of coffee.” I also believe that she indicated that I buy something or leave. Interestingly, my friend thought the woman was coming to ask if we wanted anything to drink, and was about to order something.
The woman did her hit and run. It was obviously effective because one cannot completely disregard such a social affront, so as I was on my way out I asked another staff member about what their precise policy is. I said, “I don’t usually buy anything, but my friends have, so am I required to buy something or just them.” He wasn’t prepared for such specificity but indicated that might be okay, but if it is only a cup of coffee you can’t really sit for 3 hours. Hmmm…. maybe they should post a sign. As it was 10pm on a Wednesday the place was not full and there was ample seating. My main issue was the nature of the communication: tactless and angry, versus communicative and confident. There are so many ways she could have said that better. Jebus Cripes, are we coming to a world where one cannot sit in a coffee shop?
Additionally, shouldn’t the homeless person (who had his feet up) be buying a protein bar and not a cup of coffee? I’m almost impressed that someone was ruder in Halifax than Toronto. Congratulations, bitch!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Mike:


a'ight, it's on, we're totally going to get this bitch! (by which I mean we're going to develop a cost-benefit account of her actions and explain it to her in a respectful manner so as to help her mend her ways and improve society at large). Peace out.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suggest you write a nasty comment card, then contact the manager and take her down! 'Even the homeless guy has the decency to buy a cup of coffee.” - Because Starbucks is really hurting for money. You've been in there 6 times? Yes, I can see how that $9.30 is going to make or break that business. Argh!! *rage*


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kick some ass, Seabass!!!

12:51 AM  
Blogger That which is called Darren said...

I should mention that I sent of an email complaining and there will be swift justice. Supposedly, the store and territory manager will be contacted and I may get some free coupons that I could give to a homeless person.

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