Friday, October 01, 2004

My Weekend - Part III (Sunday)

The Darren rested. I wish that that were true, I was bagged most of the day. I packed in ‘not my suitcases’ and got things ready so I wouldn’t have to do much later. Rory and Owen, who had stayed over but left to do some moving, returned around 2:30 wherein I drove us downtown, picking up Sara along the way. The lights weren’t all bright, but it was great to see big buildings again. ;) I decided on Queen & Younge area because I feel it is wonderfully diverse and I won’t similar happenings in Halifax. We checked out Black Market and Rory and Owen each bought a book at a pretty cool bookstore. Walked by the ChumCity building, and I had memories of driving a produce truck. We listened to some Spanish guitar outside the Eaton Centre and made our way to Younge. Popped into Urban Outfitters long enough to be annoyed with commerce (I did laugh at a shirt that said Jehovah’s Fitness: Running and jumping for God). I was looking for a Wendy’s to get a Frostee, but it wasn’t meant to be. We walked up for several blocks and then down the other side. There were just so many people! The prostitot’s were out, and so were their midriffs. On a similar note, see “Downtown Dromedaries” blog. We chatted and I bought a soft ice cream cone. Let’s just say it seemed quite phallic and there were some jokes when I dove in. I still say there wasn’t enough girth. More people and back to our somewhat sketchy parking spot to return home. On the way we saw an ad for a Barbie line of clothing. Guh! The girls were pretty young in the ads, but I still think to be representative they should have implants. (hiyo!). The marketing for emulation of a fictional doll known for more in her cup size than cortex in her head… what could be better for a developing girl to experience (don’t forget the non-functional genitalia). Sigh.
Once home, I lay down for 20 minutes before having a delicious (oyshi!) meal of ribs and bruschetta. Another friend, Alex, joined us soon after dinner for the couple hours before I left. It was great to see my friends again, but a bit of whirlwind to say the least. Hugs were exchanged and then my mom drove me to the airport. I’m going to miss my mom. Bloody big things these terminals are. I read a bit of a journal from Japan and laughed to myself whilst waiting in line. On the plane I tried to sleep, enjoyed the little views I had of the cities at night and read a bit more about Einstein. Mike was kind enough to pick me up at 1:00am. Nice moon on the way back, but boy was I tired.
Wow. 68 hours. A wedding, good friends, my couch and the lakeshore: a good trip.


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