Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Last week I watched a video on the topic of “The Development of Mind.” It was interesting and there were lots of cute babies. Some of the highlights:

A developing embryo is basically a mass of cells that keep dividing with some cells going to some parts of the body or brain and others going to other areas. There is a staining technique that allows an embryonic cell to be marked while it develops. The technique allows for later identification of that cell by marking its first division and no subsequent divisions. Consequently, a (monkey) embryo can be injected with various stains and the pathway of cells can be measured day by day. I’ve often wondered how they had the specificity of the information for developing embryos, but knowing this one technique helps reduce some of that ignorance.

By examining the brains of newborns that have died, scientists are also able to measure the rate of cellular expansion beginning deep in the brain and moving outwards. As it is known what the layers are mainly used for, this allows insight into the potential abilities of newborns and the early life of humans.

Lastly, I also found it interesting to see babies make walking-like motions soon after birth if held up. Additionally, at 7 months babies can walk along a treadmill. The main problem is they have too much fat and not enough muscle to walk earlier than they do.

Lastly (again), babies are so entertaining!!!! Watching videos of these kids in various scenarios was so amusing. Looking at a baby fail at a simple task is so funny. Put the toy in a clear box which has a slit at the side. What does the baby do? Goes for it through the top! Haha... stupid baby. :P


Blogger mush said...

Well done. Stupid babies indeed. They don't get much better though, I can kick kid's asses when they have their special EASY Jeopardy!

11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

More so, babies are so stupid that if leave them in front of a fridge full of food, they just die. How dumb is that? C'mon, make a sandwich! ...stupid baby.

11:16 PM  

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