Wednesday, February 23, 2005

They did what?

After 9/11, the United States began a new doctrine of increased security and hostility, both to its own people and to the rest of the world. The US began a “war on terror,” which has basically created greater animosity towards the US from most of the countries on the planet.

Previously, the United States has been seen as place of hope, a place where dreams could come true. The country managed to hide its destructive, covert practices from most of its citizens, but much of the world was aware. The world disliked American foreign policy, but many of the terrible acts were 'subtle' and they were harder to blantently demonstrate in terms of the injustices America so willing commits while professing the virtues of freedom and human rights. With the debacle of the Iraqi war two things happened: (1) Any doubt about or leeway given to America’s past deeds was logically and easily removed, and (2) the younger generation and people that are just becoming more informed about world events were able to witness a real event happening in real time. When tyranny is seen in the present and not relinquished to the past, both a verification of uncertain perspectives and galvanization of rebellious people and groups occurs. In some nations, this lead to criticisms and wariness of the United States that might never have otherwise occurred, other nations were now almost logically justified in their aggressive stance on the international level.

Supposedly, there has been an increase in terrorism from the Invasion of Iraq (not including the war itself, of course). Consequently, the manner in which the US has conducted its ‘war on terror’ may have created an outcome entirely opposite to that which was desired.

The war in Iraq, justified on false premises, mismanaged militarily, and the cause of over 100,000 excess civilian deaths, is now thought to cost about $150 billion dollars (with a request for billions more). I can’t help but wonder if the money could have been better spent.

What if, instead of embarking on a crusade of anger, violence, deception, tyranny and hostility, the United States of America decided to feed the world?
Please read that again.

Just imagine the headline: America Feeds the World! or America Ends Hunger!

The terrorizing force that has been US foreign policy for the past +100 years would almost be forgiven. The new generation would consider it forgotten and think that was ‘the past.’ People would say things like, “The US has always been a bully and selfish, but then, in 2003, they fed the world.” or “Something amazing happened at the beginning of this century, the United States was almost singularly responsible for eradicating hunger.”

It is sad that the only way for this idea to realistically work is for those in developing nations to learn how to eat bullets, shrapnel and bomb-made debris.


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