Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Everybody who likes sex AND physics, raise your hand! (and read on)

A friend (thanks Mush) recently sent me "TOP 10 REASONS WHY SEX AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT IS NOT AN ADVISABLE FORM OF PROCREATION." Check out the link if you like the first one:

10. Penile length contraction:
According to the relativistic theory of length contraction, this is an inevitable consequence of performing sex at the speed of light. An average penis of length 13cm traveling at 99% the speed of light will contract down to a length of only 1.8cm (this is about the same length as the smallest functional penis officially recorded). At the speed of light, length contraction leads to an interesting paradox in which the penis seems to have no length at all, but is still managing to have sex somehow.

As well, this guy Dr. John has a whole site filled with similar stuff: The Joy of Sexual Physics.

So damn funny :)


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