Saturday, February 05, 2005


Whilst I was watching TV today, I came across a one mile race. I've known that the four-minute mile was broken some time ago, but I've never seen anyone do it. Of course, I still didn't really because it was on TV, but you get my point.

Watching this Kenyan man run around the track in 3 min 52 seconds, seemingly effortlessly, had me pondering just how difficult the task might be. I started to think, "Well, 4 miles isn't that far, and you can probably go a decent distance in 4 minutes... I wonder what it works out to?"
One mile = 5280 ft.
4 minutes = 240 seconds.

So, to run a mile in 4 minutes, one must run at an (average) speed of 5280ft/240s = 22ft/s.
Gah! That's over 7 meters a second. After working out that math, I think I could only keep that up for a very short time, or maybe if I was on a bike. Hmmm... make that a car (7m/s = 25 km/h)


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